Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Life.....

it starts with a cry
and curtain falls when we die
in all the moments in between
we witness colors of life

it is red and dark when time is hard
circumstances force us to succumb
each moment makes us feeble and numb
yet if we chose to rise and fight
that is the victory, the true light

it is green and vivid when smiles are around
each moment makes us feel special, that soothing sound
we celebrate and laugh and praise our deeds
to live the happiness to fullest yet rooted to the ground
that is the true celeration, true inspiration

it is grey and brown when we are not sure
confusions are all around, obscure is the time
we brood and think and connects each link
but if prevailing in that pandemonium is the heart's true rhyme
then that is like being true aplomb, that's like true song

from the clouds of darkness
to the cherishing rains
from the failures and falls
to smiles and gains

it is all life, knitted by fabric of time
colors are different, textures are different
but it is our own, each thread, each line
to breathe in and exhale with smile, that's the life

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The dancing colors…..

A little girl one day decided to paint
To paint something abstract; no shape
To let brush dance on sheet with no restriction
Let colors sense the rhythm her thoughts make

So she took the palette of colors out
Dip brush in blue and was about to add some water
The blue drop was holding the last strand of brush
Getting its strength together and not to shatter

But slowly it succumbed to the will of girl
And started its voyage to paint a thought
“Tip”!! The sound came; color drop fell in water
Mingled with it; won the heart; how nicely it fought

Now it was more powerful and in proper shade
Neither too much glossy nor too much fade
The drop then kissed the canvas, leaving its mark
Then girl thought to make the shade little dark

She then mixes brown, green and black; hits few strokes
The colors are running on the sheet; mixing and playing
The thoughts of the little girl taking shape;
On canvass the green grass was laying

Two blue together formed the sky
Big and calm; carrying grace and charm
Then there are few shades of brown and green
Forming lands and meadows; what a beautiful scene

Then few shades of white together dance and form a horse
Riding on white clouds; heading to the endless zone
And then few more colors took the shape of little girl
Sitting near the flowing river; dreaming & playing with hair’s curl

The colors danced all over the canvas and then froze
The little girl was staring at the painting; slowly she rose
Along her clapped the vibes, air, trees and flowers
Then she added few drops of grey to bring showers

Together all colors danced and made the painting
Little girl was looking at her painted self; her beautiful smile
She then added few drops of orange to blossom a bud
And hence there was a beautiful painting of “the dancing colors”

Sunday, July 10, 2016

The last word

On this morning; fresh and bright
Let’s pull a story to say
It drowned in river of time
But fragrance of remembrances never faded away
It is a love story, yet not like others
It is a true story, yet not like others
It has tears, it has smiles
It has then in between
The distance of miles
Yet it has warmth and care; emotions and respect
And many unsaid pearls of moments
They never were passed in threads of words; never got a prospect
Time departed them; still confessions were never made
In heart, boy had storms, but never even a word was said
He was alone; facing his inner storm
Girl was never told; she already has gone
And then he thought to write the last page of this saga
To wish his inspiration; to admire her
He then penned a message putting his heart into it
Yet managed to not disclose the feelings; keeping the secret
He waited for girl’s reply, with a feeling that it would never come
And in that silence he got his answer; he was sad, he was numb
But something strange happened after a long time
He got her reply; asking more to explain, what meant in his rhyme
And now boy was numb again; holding pen,
Yet don't know how to write his heart out; the true feelings; this has never occurred
He knows for sure this would be the last conversation;
And thus trying to carve in most beautiful way, the last word…..

Friday, February 12, 2016

A poem….

It was a poem; just a poem
Yet contained a whole life in it
A story of a boy; silent and shy
And of a girl; bright in mind & sharp in wit
He was there; silent, unknown
She was there; dear to all, never alone
He used to make his pen dance
On the paper, tracing rhyming lines
She used to smile on the music of life
Pretty, sincere, jolly; bit choosy at times
He used to stare at her
She hasn’t any clue
He used to be around, yet un-noticed
Making things easy for her; she never knew
And time has witnessed a story; special in each sense
A mixed recipe of smiles and tears; joyous and tense
He used to cherish the small rare moments of talks
And tried to be a reason of her smiles
She never understood his true feelings
One day time departed them for miles
Now he was trying to overcome his sorrow
She was already busy in new world; new place
He slowly was healing up; yet she was in his heart and mind
He wishes to revert time; he still wishes to chase
She never knew him at all; she would never know
And time would make this story a forgotten tale
Yet this story was never completed; still growing
Beyond the happiness of success; beyond tears of being fail



Tuesday, January 19, 2016

That old town……

Walking on those mud paths
Where our childhood used to run
I plunge into rivers of memories
Memories of that wooden shop and its butter bun
And those silent roads on which
We, hand in hand, knitted dreams
Where we did thousands of mischiefs
Sometimes fought for kites; sometimes for ice-creams
That old wall is still here;
On which we drew our dream home
Painted it with our stories of imaginations
 & its corridors in which we used to roam
That small river stream is still afresh
Blue as sky, pure, calm and smooth
We often used to see our reflection in its water
That river witnessed our childhood meeting with youth
In these many years, the life albeit walked a lot
Yet our childhood is preserved in this very town
Where I first asked you if you would be with me always
Be it time of glories; be it time dull and brown
And your smile and a small tear in eyes
Said it all with no word to be told,
This old town and its old paths saw it all
The winds here still sings our stories; loud and bold

Friday, December 18, 2015

Old mountain winds

Far from the horizons they come
Wrapped in shivering cold
Carrying leaves in their palms
Carrying remembrances of many stories told
And then those old mountain winds
Jump deep the valley, suddenly then rise
They tell the saga of Jacob- the brave lamb
Who was cute in looks and in heart was wise
Once he got stuck in the herd of jackals
Alone he was; frightened and numb
But his heart was carrying hopes
He was a bright chap; not at all dumb
The old mountain winds witnesses that day
Something mesmerizing; something unusual
When one feeble little lamb
Defeated the king, which was strong and cruel
Jacob asked the king chase him
He ran as if it was his last run
And on the end of cliff he changed the side
Leaving the jackal to fall in drum
He then pushed the drum down the valley
And ran away to the far green land
He jumped and ran; he smiled and leaped
With old mountain winds-hand in hand
His saga inspires those
Who fear to face the plights
His victory shows the power of valor
Using it one can touch enormous heights
The old mountain winds sing this song
Every time they flow in valley, shaking the old tram
They touch the face and say in the ear
Rise high; face the fear; shine like Jacob the lamb

Monday, September 28, 2015

A caged fish…..

I sail all alone in the water with no waves
Being caged in glass walls, I merely survive
Finding no way to escape, I wish quit striving
Breathe and eat to live; in the heart already died
Each moment I wish and dream of waves
And freedom to sail across seas
But o my martinet destiny; is this a punishment?
My prayers never answered, same goes with my pleas
 When I reach near walls of glass
I can see one more fish (reflection); my exact replica
Even it moves as I move; no difference
And makes me believe in faith’s existence
But even my friend from other side of glass
Eludes me when it is dark; I am absolutely alone
My wait, then, for first light starts; in tears of solitude, nights blend
In morning, I rush to glass wall to meet my friend
Then another day it comes; I collect hope and strive
And wait for dawn to be dusk and dawn again,
This will go like this till I survive…..

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

O my heart, “talk to me first”!

O my heart, “talk to me first”!
You reside in my chest
You pump blood in me
You make me alive
Yet you only hurt me the most
You see someone and feel
I remain unknown and you dream
You imagine and create a different world
You make that dream live in me
And then one day, that dream scatters
Leaving pieces of pain and tear
And you cry for someone, leaving me alone
For someone who was never there
Then each heart beat makes me feel more alone
And you, inside me, remain in pain
And I beg you; want to make you understand
We both are alone in this world
Be with me, don’t dream for someone
Don’t feel the pain, don’t cry
Forget that smile, those eyes
Cheer up, let tears dry
And from now, listen to me, I plead
Think over the words I said,; don't bleed
Don’t go for anyone; don’t feel, set the feelings free
No one comes to know when you cry; except me
And I too remain helpless in making you relish
With your tears, my will and powers vanish
So please before falling for any unknown
O my heart- talk to me first

Monday, June 8, 2015

Silent conversations

When an ocean of thoughts
Meets with tides of emotions
I wish to express and want to speak
But the words seem painful
And letters mock
Alone in the world of thoughts I wander; seek
Alone witnessing the havoc
And yet unable to state
Unable to replicate thoughts in adequate word
To someone it may seem foolish; to someone nerd
And then too sailing in the heavy waves of feelings
Shedding tears and enduing the pain
And yet unable to speak
And yet unable to state
In this silent conversation within
Witnessing the rise and fall of me in myself
I try to stand in the juggernaut of my instincts
And wish to mend my beliefs, thoughts and wishes
And to burn the world of my expectations
To set myself free, away from etiquette and obligations
I wish to talk with no more words
But still drowning in my innate feelings
Thus, willing to master the silent conversation
A talk to know why I feel at all
I wish to state, but without spoiling it with letters
And wish to break my conventions; fetters

Friday, March 13, 2015


Racing within, wrapping each breath
Making me out of breath, chocking
Gulping the dreams, inculcating the gloom
Curbing all imaginations, blocking
And crawling like a serpentine
Lethal, cruel and serene
Yet loud as a roar and dark as smoke
My inner self is getting parted
And all my beliefs and faith are getting departed
My soul is screaming and trying to stay
But I am getting thrown by me, away far away
And within me I can see me dying
And holding my corpse, crying
Yet willing to rise from ashes like a phoenix
And willing to end my fears and failures
I wish to kill the happiness and murder the sorrow
To sit in the lap of absolute; nothing relative,
Beyond desires or accomplishments
Beyond the world of ephemeral sentiments
I wish to swim in the ocean of eternity
Beyond smiles or tears, beyond life or death
To end my mortal half and rest in peace……