Wednesday, June 10, 2015

O my heart, “talk to me first”!

O my heart, “talk to me first”!
You reside in my chest
You pump blood in me
You make me alive
Yet you only hurt me the most
You see someone and feel
I remain unknown and you dream
You imagine and create a different world
You make that dream live in me
And then one day, that dream scatters
Leaving pieces of pain and tear
And you cry for someone, leaving me alone
For someone who was never there
Then each heart beat makes me feel more alone
And you, inside me, remain in pain
And I beg you; want to make you understand
We both are alone in this world
Be with me, don’t dream for someone
Don’t feel the pain, don’t cry
Forget that smile, those eyes
Cheer up, let tears dry
And from now, listen to me, I plead
Think over the words I said,; don't bleed
Don’t go for anyone; don’t feel, set the feelings free
No one comes to know when you cry; except me
And I too remain helpless in making you relish
With your tears, my will and powers vanish
So please before falling for any unknown
O my heart- talk to me first

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