Monday, September 28, 2015

A caged fish…..

I sail all alone in the water with no waves
Being caged in glass walls, I merely survive
Finding no way to escape, I wish quit striving
Breathe and eat to live; in the heart already died
Each moment I wish and dream of waves
And freedom to sail across seas
But o my martinet destiny; is this a punishment?
My prayers never answered, same goes with my pleas
 When I reach near walls of glass
I can see one more fish (reflection); my exact replica
Even it moves as I move; no difference
And makes me believe in faith’s existence
But even my friend from other side of glass
Eludes me when it is dark; I am absolutely alone
My wait, then, for first light starts; in tears of solitude, nights blend
In morning, I rush to glass wall to meet my friend
Then another day it comes; I collect hope and strive
And wait for dawn to be dusk and dawn again,
This will go like this till I survive…..

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