Monday, June 8, 2015

Silent conversations

When an ocean of thoughts
Meets with tides of emotions
I wish to express and want to speak
But the words seem painful
And letters mock
Alone in the world of thoughts I wander; seek
Alone witnessing the havoc
And yet unable to state
Unable to replicate thoughts in adequate word
To someone it may seem foolish; to someone nerd
And then too sailing in the heavy waves of feelings
Shedding tears and enduing the pain
And yet unable to speak
And yet unable to state
In this silent conversation within
Witnessing the rise and fall of me in myself
I try to stand in the juggernaut of my instincts
And wish to mend my beliefs, thoughts and wishes
And to burn the world of my expectations
To set myself free, away from etiquette and obligations
I wish to talk with no more words
But still drowning in my innate feelings
Thus, willing to master the silent conversation
A talk to know why I feel at all
I wish to state, but without spoiling it with letters
And wish to break my conventions; fetters


  1. Lovely poem! Good to see you back after a long time!

    1. thanks :) it is really an honor to be reviewed by you...