Sunday, July 10, 2016

The last word

On this morning; fresh and bright
Let’s pull a story to say
It drowned in river of time
But fragrance of remembrances never faded away
It is a love story, yet not like others
It is a true story, yet not like others
It has tears, it has smiles
It has then in between
The distance of miles
Yet it has warmth and care; emotions and respect
And many unsaid pearls of moments
They never were passed in threads of words; never got a prospect
Time departed them; still confessions were never made
In heart, boy had storms, but never even a word was said
He was alone; facing his inner storm
Girl was never told; she already has gone
And then he thought to write the last page of this saga
To wish his inspiration; to admire her
He then penned a message putting his heart into it
Yet managed to not disclose the feelings; keeping the secret
He waited for girl’s reply, with a feeling that it would never come
And in that silence he got his answer; he was sad, he was numb
But something strange happened after a long time
He got her reply; asking more to explain, what meant in his rhyme
And now boy was numb again; holding pen,
Yet don't know how to write his heart out; the true feelings; this has never occurred
He knows for sure this would be the last conversation;
And thus trying to carve in most beautiful way, the last word…..