Friday, March 13, 2015


Racing within, wrapping each breath
Making me out of breath, chocking
Gulping the dreams, inculcating the gloom
Curbing all imaginations, blocking
And crawling like a serpentine
Lethal, cruel and serene
Yet loud as a roar and dark as smoke
My inner self is getting parted
And all my beliefs and faith are getting departed
My soul is screaming and trying to stay
But I am getting thrown by me, away far away
And within me I can see me dying
And holding my corpse, crying
Yet willing to rise from ashes like a phoenix
And willing to end my fears and failures
I wish to kill the happiness and murder the sorrow
To sit in the lap of absolute; nothing relative,
Beyond desires or accomplishments
Beyond the world of ephemeral sentiments
I wish to swim in the ocean of eternity
Beyond smiles or tears, beyond life or death
To end my mortal half and rest in peace……

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