Sunday, June 23, 2013

Light and Dark

Staring at light pole, being tranquil and calm
Silently I was praising its charm
All was seeming grandeur & bright
Only hopes & shines were there in the sight

Suddenly I turned around
There was my own shadow on the ground
It preached the basic canon of life, perhaps
Manifesting phases of life, arcane shapes

In spite of having light just behind
I couldn’t turn and was feeling hapless
Was cursing the martinet destiny, its hostility
But couldn’t accept my weakness, my insanity

In that very small and simple moment
I got some understandings, very relevant
Light and darkness are nothing but relative
Complimentary to each other, are both dull & creative

Looking at light, facing it from front
Is like looking at plight, to confront
Turning back to it means to evade, succumbing to an issue
Ironical, own shadow looks occult, timid, showing no clue

Facing the light means darkness is just behind
& confronting shadow instills hopes in the mind
It confirms the presence other aspect, vivid and bright
All needed is to turn around and embrace the light


  1. This undoubtedly is one your masterpiece...really well composed...The good thing thing about this one is the flow of thoughts...
    " Looking at light, facing it from front
    Is like looking at plight, to confront"
    These two lines specially are awesome...

  2. Beautiful use of paradox to explain simple meaning of!!

  3. Too good. Such a nice composition. I feel speechless after reading it. I feel like suggesting so many people to read this poem!!