Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Talking to my tears

Sometimes I want to cry
Sometimes I want to shout
From this world of busy people
Sometimes I want to be out
Each one here is selfish, perhaps I too
Each time trust got hurt, but again I do
All here want to be listened, so do I
But no one is here to share my cry
Often I smile, manifest to be fine
In heart it is dark, in eyes drops, bit saline
I need few words of courage, few motivations
But stuck up in solving puzzles of relations
Each one I meet, though call me special of a kind
But never thought how lonely I am, anxious mind
Again I am sad, crying in unknown fears
In solitude, alone, talking to my tears


  1. This is a masterpiece!!
    Hats off!! Something similar has been in my thoughts since long. This poem gave words to those thoughts.

  2. thnaks prajakta, but i wish these type of thoughts should not come in ur mind ( gloomy and negative) tc

  3. you are no more lonely when you share your thoughts with somebody else like this. nothing remains 'dark' for long, so cheer up!