Thursday, February 20, 2014

Witnessing my death

With a sound, loud like a roar
“It” slipped into air, swift and straight
Making air warm with its kiss
To end my journey of life, to culminate my fate
Rushing towards me with great speed
Making its trajectory, sharp indeed
It meets me on my forehead
The pain, unbearable and severe
Beseeching to be soon dead
On my knees I am
Feeling “it” moving in my head
Crushing the veins, cracking the bones
Losing my sensation, witnessing my death
Albeit it’s expressing still, on me its wrath
Red river is out of my head hole
And I am lying on the ground, beneath a pole
In red river dissolving is my wit and senses
Fading down all my memories, reminiscences
Bearing pain, trying to evade life
Feeling calm in losing sensation of each sense
Sleeping in the lap of weakness
The source of red river is now exhausted
I am resting in my unconsciousness
Witnessing my soul, my life departing
And my body, no endeavor to move, resting
Out of my skull, “it” is now in the air
Enervated it is, meet the tree beside
In the trunk, it is resting now
And my head, out of pain, is bursting
Though clock hand have moved hardly a distance
But years have passed for me in pain, till that instance
Silence is in the heart, silence all around
                                  And myself, travelling in sky, with dead body on the ground

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