Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lines from mother to daughter,,….

They say u will be a burden for me
They say u will be a trouble for me
Instead of u, if there had been a boy
They say he would be a real dear to me
But, I see in your eyes
Love of nature, reflection of god
Life flows in touch of your soft hands
Loosing u even for a moment, I can’t afford
When u say “maa” for the first time
It was like I was on the cloud nine
Rejuvenating vibes were all around
& all the blessings were there, to surround
When u used to catch my shadow on wall
And started crying when couldn’t saw me
And in your first step, I was your aim
U were trying to come near to me
Each day my dear daughter,
U were like my best friend
Your smile was the only reason of mine
I cry in solitude, whenever I reprimand
The day u left home
& went to other city for education
Days became years, nights full of tears
There became a void in each smile, each celebration
Dear daughter, do you remember
I shouted at u for cleanliness, showing a broom
But since the day u left the house
I am unable to touch your peripherals, see your room
You don’t know, I used to stare at u
When u used to eat your favorite dish
Dear daughter, now I can’t prepare any of them
With you, there left my each smile, my each wish
I know sometimes my nature may irritate you
You can think how childish my deeds are
But dear, it’s just that I care for u so much
Even for a second, I don’t want to be far
Dear daughter, u are an angel for me
My daughter, may be u never get a clue
But in this world, I feel so much proud
When, people identify me because of you.


  1. Hello.
    Love does not differentiate between the sexes.
    I can feel the love of the mother here for her child. I just hope her child realizes it some day and goes back home with tears in her eyes when her mother welcomes her again with loving, open arms. Very well done! One thing though, I did struggle with reading the small font.

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  2. OMG I want to take print and keep these written words in a safe. Thank you so much for this poem, for making me realize that i should cherish the time when my daughters are still staying with me. I really wonder how would i live when they might leave us and go somewhere else in future. A big part of poem represent my feelings as they are.