Saturday, June 23, 2012

carrying some smiles

running hard, hasting indeed
shine in eyes, no purpose, no need
watching the rising sun out of horizon
trying to reach the roof, before sun is on
holding something tight in little fist
running hard on stairs, round and twist
leaping to the roof, and having a victorious grin
then looked the little fist, holding something with in
laughing hard, she has a treasure, she think
staring the fist with smile, meanwhile eye didn’t blink
she closed her eyes, murmured something, like prayer
then looked the sun, rising out from orange layer
she then opened her fist, let the treasure flow out
then clapped, jumped, made a happy shout
from a corner of roof, I was looking the little fairy
and was enjoying her attempts for a unknown reverie
I asked her, hey angel what was in your fist
What you did, please tell, I couldn’t resist
With beautiful smile and scintillating eyes
She uttered something, bigger than her size
She told, she carried smiles in her hand
She wanted all to be happy on this land
She was ecstatic and joyous, achieved her aim
with the sun rays, smile will reach each street each lane.