Friday, April 13, 2012

Chasing the light

It’s all about few kids
Playing in dirty avenue
For all going nearby
They were waste, having no value
They seem happy and cherished
With their rag bags and weird games
But deep in their heart
There were some unfulfilled aims
From torn clothes on their bodies
There peeped few reflections of their fate
Where best dream was to have full meal
And silence was their best mate
From the windows of a nearby school
They kept on watching kids, holding the books
Having love of mothers in lunch
With colorful bags, bottles, all had a different look
Dishearted and hopeless, they watched their clothes
Shabby, dusty, smelly, old and torn out
They started hating all, became shy and introvert
But in the solitude they used to cry and shout
They wonder how people, in restaurants and malls
Spent money for luxuries and ostentations
But for the poor and hungry kids like them
They were so ignorant, having no emotions
In the crowd of humans, like their own kind
They felt to be discarded and neglected
In the cut throat competition of life
They felt useless and neglected
They chased for a ray of hope
They chased for divine light of humanity and care
They searched for a hand to hold them
And a shoulder to cry on, to share
With self centered people all around
Having no care for others, having no Ruth
With hatred and envy for all
The kids walked into their youth,
Still in heaps of scraps and dirt
Many such childhoods are surviving
Complaining, expecting, speaking with silence
Each moment, for life, they are striving
In the darkness of scraps and rags
And in gloom of abhorrence and blames
They chase the light, with dreams in eyes
Expecting a day, recognized with their names