Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Life starts when they open,
Life ends when they close,
They are wonderful gift of almighty,
They are our eyes, of course
They reflect truth & sincerity
They reflect unsaid emotions,
They reflect one’s personality,
They reflect warmth of relations.
When caught up in a crowd,
& all weird faces are there,
Then we become tensed,
And eyes become full of fear.
When some one helps us in trouble,
When a dear one gives us a warm hug,
Then we feel relaxed and happy,
And eyes become full of love.
Different circumstances, different times,
Our eyes speak in their own rhymes,
When sometimes we become speechless in a situation,
Then our eyes do whole conversation.
Many times they carry pearls,
Pearls of happiness, pearls of joy,
Pearls of depression, pearls of cry,
Pearls of love pearls of care,
Pearls showing what we want to share.
Our words, our speech may lie,
But our eyes are something on which everyone can rely.
They utter only true emotions and true feelings
Their warmth & care carries a divine meaning.


  1. heheh... hhmm yeh poem toh achi honi hi thi :P vaise really nice :)

  2. no words to explain the beauty of the poem....
    I am speechless.

  3. thnks a lot...:).....ur this comment says everything.....thnks :)