Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A conversation with a FAIRY

Well, candidly saying, I myself don’t know why I am using this title for whatever I am going to pen down. So, come with me, let’s try to explore the reason.
Few days back, I had a talk with someone, giving name to that ‘someone’ is a trivia and so, it can be taken as a conversation between a common man (me) and a special thinking that is prevalent in our society.
Restrictions on girls in the name of traditions and culture, this is a burning issue of contemporary era and very controversial too. So, instead of going into the depth of this topic and inviting the challenges, I would like to draw your attention towards a different aspect of same issue.
I was discussing the same with that someone, I was bit depressed and was straight forwardly involved in the opprobrium of all those traditions when that girl showed me a different aspect. I was surprised and happy by the way she (that girl) was explaining the things and the way she was tolerating them, colligating courage from the hard words of relatives, and getting encouragement from a depressing ambience. Wow, it was a terrific effort indeed and it also manifested the way in which woman of my country manages a smile even in harsh circumstances. She manages her family well. Those odd trades, traditions and customs seem to be hindrances and obligations but that fairy, in spite of being sad, was supporting them to some extent as they defends and conserves our tradition and culture.
I was surprised by the way she was dealing with life; she was too much concerned about her parents and said that she didn’t want to go anywhere far when her parents will be old because she was worried as who will take care of them in need, but in the next moment she talked of evading from life and all the dear ones as she was tired of the questions and that too much care which got itself changed into restrictions.
But, behind all those things, all those thoughts, she was able to cast a clear view of her as a conservator of traditions and culture of the country, hats off to her.
She was ready to live life according to her parents, she was ready to change habits of dressing for them, but, the only thing she was demanding was liberty of making career, liberty of breathing in fresh air of freedom, liberty of living in a free world, a world free from orthodox views and full of real love and care.
Who was she, if not a fairy…….I haven’t seen any fairy having wings and magic wand (as narrated in childhood stories) but I felt that girl to be a fairy in real sense, she was having wings of thoughts, wisdom and love and was trying to fly freely, she was free fro many biasing, she was having care for all, rich, poor everyone. She was concerned about the problems in society and wanted to eradicate all of them, just like fairies do with their magic wand.
I don’t know whether my comparison is worthy but for me it is real and true.
I was glad to meet a real fairy; this anecdote is about a girl but this story is a happening in each house of my country.