Monday, November 29, 2010


I remember the day, she came on earth,
I was perplexed why were all sad on her birth,
Celebrations were less & was a lot of worry,
All were staring and cursing the little fairy.

Slowly the girl started growing,
With her all the blessings were flowing,
But inside, at a corner of parent’s heart,
There was something ambiguous and harrowing.

I used to contemplate as what is the reason for that,
Why in spite of loving their kid, they were sad,
I was still searching those reasons,
And girl was growing with change in seasons,

Many restrictions, several obligations,
Many rules to follow, several boundations,
These all were to be born by her,
Several times in her eyes, I saw floating pearls,

Every now & then, she compromised with her dreams,
Then also she remained sanguine and serene,
Never had she got agitated, it was a commendable quality,
Instead she is like a fairy in reality,

The worries were not alleviating,
& for girl that was very frustrating,
For all that she blamed herself,
& I tried a lot to do her help,

I slowly realized the damn ‘cause’,
& it was humiliating for all of us, of course,
The parents were not worried about girl’s studies,
Instead afraid of human’s few vagabond species,

The security of girl, that extra care,
Which, sometimes turns into a silent fear,
The girl felt to be in a cage,
Living, striving and passing the age,

Worry of dowry had made parents’ night sleepless,
& surrounded by orthodox cultures, the girl felt restless,
Why such foible quirks our society has?
Why comments are put on girls to tease and razz?

Why do each time girls have to compromise?
Compromise with their dreams, compromise with aims,
Change the habits, change their names,
It contrabands women in several aspects,
And then we debate over emancipation and women respect,

It’s high time; something must be done in this issue,
Instead of mere talks, some thing innovative and new,
Feelings of decency & respect should be inculcated in minds,
So that, instead of Homo sapiens, here lives ‘Human Kinds’.


  1. wow abhishek...
    must say a well thot and written poem !!!
    the subject is too good to ponder over and . . . written with vividity !!!

  2. its beautiful dude, keep it up.... i always say dis n again... i hv fallen short of words...:) God bless u

  3. thnks a lot di...thnks for ur motivational compliments....god bless u too...:)

  4. :) Touching !! Very well written. :)