Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In my perceptions
Who am I? I am not a spider man, then who am I, well I don’t have any peculiar trait or idiosyncrasy to define myself. I am just a common being, a very common being trying to share what I felt in the years I have spent on this earth, (few time in air and water too, when I was having a voyage to Singapore), this is pun intended, to manifest that my thoughts are not restricted to a local level instead they are globally nourished.
Well I inhabit a very special country, the best one in all aspects, biggest democracy in the world and paradigm of secularism, since my childhood I used to sing verses and hymns for my country. I have grown by listening to the tales of various tenacious courageous heroes of Indian freedom movements. Well this was the time when I was a small kid, no tension no interventions only celebrations, (a bit rhyming na, ya I know, I have a habit of drafting rhyming texts, people call them poems).well jokes apart, I was growing up and started dreaming about my life and career, (matrimonial career was the obsessing matter in my thoughts although.) …he he …..well regarding my studies I just want to say that I was okay in them, neither the star performer nor a dull chap. Albeit sometimes I have topped the class too but it was primarily because of the plummeting performances of the real toppers, I wasn’t anytime responsible for that.
Ok, then I have faced a very different indeed a foible system of constitution, it was the thing which for the first time showed me that, brother, all the Indians are not same at all !!, hindu muslim sikh isai..aapas mein hain bhai bhai… these are merely the lines in few patriotic songs and they have no existence on the mundane realities. Under the constitution of my country which is indeed considered as the paragon of democracy, there are few special groups of people which are treated as special ones (although scheduled as backwards, oxymoron!!). Well then I have came across a very different term i.e. caste. I was from a general one, a Suryavanshi Rathore, and I was merely a general one in the constitution, so, who is special, I was contemplating, and all of a sudden I came to a conclusion that oh those fellows who were very badly harassed by the upper caste or well to do people in the ancient time, those have been gazette under the scheduled castes and tribes. My goodness, my head bowed down in respect for the pioneers of reservation that what a commendable and appreciable effort it is in the way to eradicate poverty and discrimination (on financial and caste basis) from India.
All I was dreaming was a utopian world and when I came across the mundane realities I was in an imbroglio, fully shocked. The reservation, though intended to eliminate hapless conditions of scheduled classes, was merely got transformed in an alluring tool to fascinate and mesmerize the country’s people.
The general section strives hard and hard but the competition grows on increasing. Lots of questions, a lot more suggestions by various intellectuals (some are genuine while some are self proclaimed), but all in vain, but yes, the topic is now undoubtedly unanimously supported best topic for debate competitions. I have several times seen students of general class advocating reservation in a debate competition and later cursing government when they have to face difficulties due to it, practical paradigm of paradox.
I think the conversation is drifting towards serious issues and I am in no mood of it, well so let’s come back to our indigenous topic. Well an another interesting thing I want to share here is the status of women in my country, once I heard an interesting phrase, “women emancipation in India is an oxymoron”, I personally suggest the writer to leave India as soon as possible because the respect and worry for women is increasing by leaps and bounds and every now and then women are manifesting their prowess and setting new records. Well going back to “worry”, I must say sensible citizens of my country are very much worried about women, pun intended,(just face an accident with a woman on road and experience the frenzy of pedestrians, even if you are innocent and the lady is at fault).My praises for those extra cautious and caring people. But I wondered why women percentage is decreasing in my country, why eve teasing and other such heinous acts are increasing, where do such extra caring people go when a girl is being humiliated at the road, again an irony.
Well I am surprised by the politics in my country, in loksabha more often the discussions change into disputes and quarrels and tussles, and adding flavor to it is the live telecast of that hullabaloo and pandemonium, perhaps it is to demonstrate in front of common people that see your selected politicians are fighting to bring peace to the country, again an oxymoron(sorry for the repetition of word but my vocab is falling short to describe the chaotic and ironical situation which is regnant every now and then).
Well now coming to the burning topics of present, every next part of my country is demanding for a separate region. Maharastra has declared Bihar and Uttar Paradesh as their rivals, naxalism is wide spreading in country, and terrorism is already there as elder brother.
So, in a nutshell it can be presumed and assumed that mayhem is regnant in the country but is the condition so bad? Really? I don’t think so, there are several aspects and prospects who exemplify that India is shining- the GDP rate, numbers of millionaires in country, number of graduates, especially engineers, oh yes, I must mention here that in coming days even for the recruitment of guards and the watchmen, the educational qualification would be engineering, and this time government has added flavor to already cooked delicious curry, the grade system in boards, the students are relaxed, (many psychologists and doctors have argued about the homework tension and later on tension and fear of failing in board examinations,) and see, this time the government has not only alleviated the tension but eradicated the root of contention. What a caring government we are having, kudos to their efforts.
Well my country is shining, prices are increasing, national debts are also increasing, villages are transforming into cities, cities into metros, things are changing, brand knowledge and demand is increasing, I don’t know whether it is okay to mention here or not that many of my friends don’t change their jockey branded inner wears for many days, (as they have only one piece), but so what they are brand aficionados. Now, even street dogs use to bark badly on maruti 800, and they enjoy sleeping under i10, (tomorrow only I have noticed a dog sleeping peacefully under my car). Thank god, maruti stopped manufacturing 800s.
It is now the era of nanotechnology, tata has grabbed the root word and developed nano, but unfortunately it is too nano (small) to hold the happiness of a family, although it has been in huge demand.
So friends, my perceptions might seem weird to many of you and pragmatic to many as well, but instead of debating over my views it would be more fruitful to understand the occult messages hidden behind the sarcasm of passage, hope you will understand.


  1. just read "in my perceptions"
    found it really interesting.....as it had so many thgs in it,as in so many issues.
    I really liked the way u connected d various concerns n brought them in light....as in u wr nt jumping frm 1 to another..so reader had the time to even think while reading:)
    I liked the opening,n the way u introduced ur thought as globally nourished.
    Then the eg's u have quoted are general enough to which any reader can relate....
    As such I m nt that capable of telling ur flaws...wat I noticed is-'thr's a paragraph starting with- ok then I hav faced....it broke my thought process....as suddenly I read somethg that YOU faced...got it...
    n I really liked d intro n the end...
    great work:
    n I had to consult the dictionary...haha

  2. hey garry reader for your valuable comments and compliments......

  3. hey since you r the first one who gave such a detailed feedback,,, so plz may i know who r u??

  4. wow abhishek...this ws nyc..the best part is that its quite elaborated...