Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dilemma of love

Something which is beyond our wit,
Something which makes birds twit,
That is the feeling of love & felicitation,
The feeling of having a mate in tragedy & in celebration.

Sometimes we even caught up in a dilemma,
As how to make our mate feel about our enigma,
The words fail to recite our mental agony,
And then eyes start telling the whole story.

The one whom we love, for whom we care,
The one we want to be always near,
But when life snatches that mate far away,
The reminiscences penetrate the heart like a steep ray.

We strive, we weep, and we fight with solitude,
We run away from memories in order to elude,
Soon we realizes that those aren’t mere remembrances,
That is the feeling why flowers throw fragrances.

One day when life plays a strange game,
& it brings that mate in front of us all over again,
We want to tell that mate how much we have missed him,
We want to burst out and want to hug him.

But feelings are very strange and confusing,
After getting the mate back we face a different scene,
Instead of getting happy we become afraid,
The fear of loosing him again makes us restless,

We again fail to replicate the feelings into speech,
& unfortunately our mate fails to hear what our eyes speak,
And the confusion, the misunderstanding and the martinet destiny,
We are again left, weeping, crying and analyzing the scrutiny.