Thursday, July 15, 2010


we came in the world,
we were alone,
we searched here for someone,
whom we can say our own.

we met some and became friends,
we started having together life span,
we fought,we cried and danced together,
we promised for being friends forever.

with time we grew a little older,
various responsibilities were on our shoulders,
we started thinking of future and our career,
but forgot that mate who has been carying us on cycle for years.

have we ever thought of that fellow
who was with us in every joy in every sorrow,
we got busy in our life in our dreams,
but forgot that friend who gave us his biscuit's cream.

A friend in life is a real treasure,
time spent with him is a actual pleasure,
never hurt a friend never hurt his feeling
in any problem his words are truely zealing.

friendship fills color in our life's paintings
friends are our real earnings our real gainings,
enjoy each moment with our fellow whom we can say our own
otherwise we came alone and will go from the world alone.

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