Thursday, July 15, 2010

I am sorry my dear trees,
I can’t help out in trouble,
I m unable to restrain your cutting,
I can’t liquefy the prevailing muddle.
I am sorry sweet birds, I am sorry animals,
I am helpless, enervated and tired,
I am striving hard but all in vain,
The circumstances are very weird.
In search of the ephemeral success,
The human is challenging the creator,
I confess on the behalf of whole mankind,
I am sorry dear Mother Nature.
We the humans are running an endless race,
A race of development and grace,
Evading the truth, enjoying a life which is vicarious,
& the situation is becoming more & more precarious.
This attitude of man will take him to a world of tears & woes,
It’s high time; we should identify humankind’s real foes,
Don’t let it to be too late, its time, save the earth,
If destroyed once it will not take any other birth.
Abhishek Singh Rathore……….

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