Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Sitting in the coach of Shatabdi, I am having a look on that class of citizens of our society who are capable, successful, prosperous and many other same type of adjectives can be use to define their status. They are having a high taste in all aspects, the food, and the water and perhaps the air they want to breathe should be of brand status according to them. They are sensible enough to sense the contemporary fashion & latest trends. But I am surprised to see that why are they not able to sense the precarious circumstances that are prevalent in the society.

Now, looking out of the big glass window of that train which is known as one of the luxury brands in Indian railways, I am watching a very different scene. Dirty slums, the poor ones, the semi naked children, tired eyes & hopeless hearts and as a whole, scene which can be taken as the mascot of pathetic conditions of our country. The glass window is acting not only as an insulator to the air current but on the same time it is also acting as a curtain or interface between the two different but surely two important sections of our society. The glass window in hard to break but we can see through it; so as the condition of our society, we sitting in the middle and high class of the society, can only see the pathetic conditions of the weaker section & can only assume about their problems, but if we really want to do something than we have to break this transparent but resisting wall and let the currents of happiness, prosperity and development pass through one section to other in equal amount and let egalitarianism should find its place in the society. But, how to break this wall... this is a big question to answer and to be more precise it is the biggest question to answer today.

Breaking the restrains doesn’t mean to leave our houses and to start living in the slums, neither it implies to bring the inhabitants of slums to our homes, albeit all such things can be taken as paradigm of social service, but to be frank it is very difficult to do so. Now, what to do?

One thing that we can easily do is to have a visit to a slum whenever we feel that we are successful and prosperous. Just have a look on the despairing conditions of have not class whenever we feel that life is beautiful. By seeing their tears whenever we are happy we can analyze the reality of life. Not only just see them but at the same time try to feel their problems. Please, do not develop an orthodox view of treating all of them to be lazy, alcoholic and hypocrites, although many of them may be of the mentioned categories but not all of them.

They also want to send their kids to schools; they also want to have all the luxuries and comforts of life.

Their eyes also see the dreams but if destiny hasn’t provide them the opportunities then we the capable but insensible citizens should reset our sensing mechanism, as if we are able to sense and analyze the contemporary trends in finance, fashion etc then why our senses fail when the question comes from our society.

We have to do some amendments, recommendations and reforms are needed but this time not in the society or any where else but in ourselves, in our thinking, in our ideology, we have to be above of racialism, caste, creed etc and should be the envoy of egalitarianism. The democracy is not enough and now we need to be socialist sovereign democratic. This is exactly what the great martyr Bhagat Singh wanted.

At last I would like to end this appeal with the quotes of Bhagat Singh itself, he has said this when he was asked about the real sacrifice.

“I also want the comforts of life and luxuries. I also want to lead a shining life but seeing the condition of society and understanding the demand of time, I can delay my plans of luxurious life; I can wait for my dreams seeing the more prior real challenges of the society”. This is the real sacrifice. Just think over it.


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