Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Really friends I didn’t knew what I was going to write

My own feelings were acting for me as hypocrites

On that beautiful night I was sitting in the train

Just watching my bag and its open chain

      It was a dark silent night having silence all around

      Only the train was making a very rhythmic sound

      Except me all near by people were silently sleeping

      But being a window lover I was busy in peeping

      Feeling bored of looking out suddenly I got an idea

      But frankly saying I knew it was nothing but a trivia

      I was thinking to pen down few lines

      But not having any topic I was just connecting various rhymes

      All of a sudden I realized that I was not alone

      Some one from sky was talking with me in its typical tone

      I am talking about the buddy considered as calmness tycoon

      Yes friends, I am talking about our dear moon

      So I was having a wordless conversation with the wanderer of night

      And thousands of stars were watching that rare and special sight

      I was enjoying the journey but was unaware of the coming danger

      Many pairs of eyes were gazing at me with pity and anger

      They were uncomfortable with the light which I have made on

      Those sleepy eyes were demanding a sheet of darkness as a cover on cocoon

      With courtesy towards the traveling passengers I have stopped my pen

      And sitting silently I have started listening the musical sound of the train.


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