Monday, May 3, 2010


Something which sheds from our eyes,

& which is often due to woes and cries,

Something which is generally a symbol of agony,

But sometimes that may be merely phony.

When we are caught in a mob,

& when striving &escaping seems to be a difficult job,

When we seek help from our caucus,

But nobody comes to help us.

In life, when we endure a pain,

When all is lost and there is nothing to gain,

When there are no brethren and no any bulwark,

Then the tears don’t come from eyes but from heart.

We have a very bizarre attitude,

Rarely tears come when we are in solitude,

But when somebody holds our hand with care,

We then just burst out in tears.

When a dear one leaves us when the heart wants him indeed,

Or when a stranger helps us when we are in a need,

Then words don’t seem to be enough for conversation,

Then, the tears utter out the situation.

Sometimes when a mate doesn’t understand heart’s condition,

& being unaware he moves further towards life’s destination,

Then we become restless and plunge into grief,

And then shedding of tears gives us lot of relief.

The tears are a precious gift from gods,

The language of heart which is beyond words & thoughts,

If one can convert a crying tear into a smiling one,

Then this would be the most pious & auspicious help ever done.

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