Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The dying dew….

The small pearl, which fell from heaven
Met the lotus leaf, rested whole night
That dew was now about to leave
With sunlight, it was having a fight
Slipping down the veins of leaf
Trying to hold it, trying to hold its existence
But soul of dew was being sucked by sun
And body was slipping in the pond, each instant
The little fighter, though managed to snatch
The fragrance of lotus with it
Melting it in its heart, and finally jumped in water
It thought its sacrifice wasted, went in vain
And no result came for its fight with pain
The fragrance it carried got mix with water, got lost
Seeing this, the dying dew cried and looked at heaven
It asked the almighty why it is getting such failure
Why no result came of its bravery, its valor
The omnipresent smiled, and made the dew realize
That from all nearby lotuses, its siblings did same exercise
They all together, mixed the fragrance in water,
Small as individual but astronomical as a team
And seeing this the dew smiled, and made a happy scream
The fragrance was softly carried by the blowing wind everywhere
The wind spread “saga of sacrifice” in each corner of earth, with smiling tear
The sun smiled at almighty, and blessed the dead dew
To live life and do die for a cause, this is a gift bestowed on a few


  1. Wow! Just amazing. Loved this poem Abhishek. Sometimes little sacrifices make a huge difference to the world around us.

  2. You can give gravity to insignificant thing and can make it salient...
    I wish there is one more option for reactions - inspiring