Sunday, December 18, 2011

Feeling Of happiness

Life is all about happiness

We search for it, we chase it,

We run for it, we need it

But often can’t find it

Often can’t understand it

Happiness is not about our life

It’s not only about our dreams

It the feeling when someone says thanks to us

It’s about a relation of gratitude with someone

Happiness is all about sharing, helping and giving

It’s all about making other’s life better for living

It’s all about to get a smile and a hidden tear of happiness

It’s all about to make some one’s life better and best

Happiness is not about a race or competition

It’s only about sharing and pure relation

Happiness is the smile when we inhale the fragrance

Fragrance of that flower which itself has no meaning of it

Happiness is to keep half chocolate for our sibling

When, last night only we had a fight or conflict.

Happiness is when a stranger passes a smile

When we tell him the right way

Happiness is when our mate understands that

For which we are silent and don’t want to say

Happiness is that tight hug which a kid gives

Showing the trust and security he feels with us

Happiness is that soft touch full of blessings

When we offer the seat to an old aged, in the bus

Happiness is in the colors of rainbow and butterfly

Happiness is in the sailing air, flowing water,

Sometimes in a laugh sometimes in a cry,

Happiness is all about the life, and attitude

It can be in huge crowd, it can be in solitude,

Happiness is about giving, helping and caring

It’s about spreading smiles, it’s about sharing

Happiness is all about making the earth a better place

It’s about to have smiles, on others and on our own face………….


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  2. Very beautiful interpretation of happiness. You have touched the beautiful moments of life.

    Its a very sweet post.


  3. Happiness is spreading the joy through poetry...totally enjoyed this. cheers!

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