Thursday, July 21, 2011

the journey of life..............

when i was young

i used to glare at sky

& used to watch those drops of rain

i had a belief that either it was god's perspiration

or sprinkling due to divine celebration

hey god! tell me

why u made me aware that

it's due to the precipitation

when i saw the red letter box

i had a belief that inside it

there is a deep pit

& letters fall in it

then then through secret underground passages

they reached their destination

hey god tell me

why u me me aware of the postmen

and about the method of letter distribution

i believed in the story of shooting stars

that an old lady sweeps the stars in the universe

i had a faith in fairies and demons live in my room

and a witch flies on a big broom

i thought wishes can be fulfilled

by blowing the eye petal in the sky

by god, tell me why

u made me aware that. it's all false

and petal falls on the earth, due to gravitation

life was easy and much simple

when i clapped when stars twinkle

i thought they were talking to me

that paper boat, that paper plain

& picking up the ball from a dirty lane

i was happy and cherished with that all

and with the stories of my sister's doll

then tell me o deity

why had u tell me about actual life

the liabilities and challenges to survive

it was a golden time when i was young

and that lovely senseless song that i sung

that smile was from the heart without any worry

when i became happy and sad with a concocted story

it is all now only a history

when life was a story with fun and mystery

and then those all principles and phenomena

and those rules of life and science

solved all the mysteries but created practical enigma

sometimes on an impasse, sometimes on cross roads

now life is full of burdens and loads

and these liabilities, responsibilities and pressure

hey god, why have u snatched

my sweet childhood treasure.....


  1. Dear Abhi,
    A Pleasant Evening!
    We always treasure our childhood memories.You have expressed the beautiful memories,thoughts and feelings so well.
    Let the lovely memories be your strength,Abhi!
    You are talented and your thoughts just flow...
    Keep writing!
    God Bless You!
    Wishing you a bright and beautiful future,

  2. thank uuu sooooo much didi...:)....for ur inspiring words.....surely i will write and mail you whenever possible........ur feedback is always important for me...thnks again didi...:)

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  4. Wonder full expressions!! Very true too.

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