Saturday, July 2, 2011

childhood in villages......

looking towards a boy,
my mind is thinking,
i don't know why,
i am continuously staring at him
suddenly i saw his palm,
& then towards his hands,
covered with prickly heats,
and thin like threads
i felt ashamed and felt worried,
i then look at his eyes,
there was a little fear,
and was a hidden tear
this is the condition of childhood in villages,
& in this manner they have to strive through ages,
what about education, what about fun,
they are not having enough bread n bun
living conditions are strikingly worse,
& electricity is a gift on occasions, of course
their tired eyes after a day long work
don't know how to sleep
but dreaming about a day of happiness
they know only to weep
surrounded by hardships and problems in tandem,
school is for meals and fun, studies are seldom,
child labor,poverty,exploitation, hunger, impoverishment,
and diseases are too very often and frequent
for them moments of a full meal are rare
and they hardly find any one for their proper care
human behavior there humiliates the humanity
and we dream of country's success and prosperity
something is to be done to eradicate these circumstances
something must be done to mitigate their grievances,
they are a part of our own country
and we have to take care of them
they also have right to fly high and to get prosperous,
and its our duty to give proper opportunities to them...

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