Sunday, May 22, 2011

An Idle Afternoon..........

I was sitting on my chair,
Looking at the window of the room,
The fan was moving slowly,
It was again an idle afternoon.
All around there was a strange silence,
Sun was at its best,
And except it, every one was at rest,
What an idle afternoon,
I was looking at my cell,
To see if it comes any flash,
A flash indicating a message of someone,
Someone, who could talk, in this idle afternoon,
Then finally i picked up my pen,
And stared contemplating, as much i can,
But simply, no idea was coming in the mind,
Oh God!!, what an idle afternoon,
I started drawing few sketches,
And with my eraser and scale, was playing cricket matches,
But all in vain, to eradicate the ennui ambience,
It was a damn idle afternoon,
A voice then struck my ear, it carried a pain,
Someone was loitering outside, was he an insane..
There was a street hawker or a canvasser,
Wandering in the idle afternoon,
It was he, and few street dogs to greet him,
but he was knocking each door, what a whim,
I then realized, it is not his wish but a compulsion,
Otherwise, who wants to roam, in the idle afternoon?
His voice was unclear, due to noise of my cooler,
His work seemed to be more difficult than theorems of Euler,
Indeed, he was striving in the idle afternoon,
I looked at myself, was feeling embarrassed,
I was the lucky one, didn’t even know the hardships, he faced,
Then also I was unhappy with my life,
And was cursing this idle afternoon,
Soon I realized the reality of life,
I am the privileged one, don’t have to strive,
Other wise, life is martinet and painful to several humankinds,
Now, I was loving that, work free, idle afternoon.


  1. loved it....beautiful poem...especially this line , Indeed, he was striving in the idle afternoon,
    I looked at myself, was feeling embarrassed.

  2. Dear Abhi,
    A Pleasant and Lovely Morning!
    Beautiful lines straight from the heart!Very inspiring and carries a positive message!
    We must know how blessed we are!Similar thought troubled me when two young sales girls came home to sell products!It's so painful to see them roaming house to house selling different things!Still they were cheerful!That's the spirit!
    Next time don't wait for the flash on your mobile!You make the call!:)
    keep writing!Life is so beautiful!
    Wishing You A Beautiful Day Ahead,

  3. thnk u sooooo much....ur valuable comments r enough to inspire m i...:)...thnks.....ya i will..:)