Friday, February 25, 2011

College Days

School days were over and college life was coming near,
Exhilaration, excitement was there with a small amount of fear,
I was happy, cherished & heart was full of zeal,
Knowing that a new footage is going to be added in life’s reel.

I reached the college and saw the new place,
I was very happy and a smile was on my face,
On the canvas of my thoughts I was making a painting,
& sweet memories of running in school corridor have started fainting.

The time started passing & days went on,
But unaware of it I was enjoying & moving on,
New friends, new teachers & new temptations,
The proxy, the bunking & the fulltime celebrations,

Hangouts at canteen & loitering with friends,
Those eccentric thoughts & those dreams of changing the trends,
Some surprises, shouting, enjoyment & sometimes fight,
But coming forward for friends in every plight.

Those classes, presentations & examinations,
The night studies, the snacks and those recreations,
Participation in techno, cultural fest and other clusters,
In lab while experimenting sometimes breaking of resistors.

In our life college days are like a blossoming flower,
Or it is like a colorful rainbow after a light shower,
Some petals are full of joy while some colors are dull and pale,
But combination of all those has added stars in my life’s tale.

The culminating event of this sweet play is near,
Heart is full of grief & eyes are full of tears,
The college life teach us the art of running in life’s race,
Really, lifelong I will miss these beautiful college days.


  1. amazing yaar !!! the beauty of collage life on ur page.. keep it up!!