Friday, April 25, 2014

Am I a different girl?

I was there, happy, smiling
Walking on the road, thinking
Kicking pebbles, watching
Looking the cloud of dust, blinking
Saw a bus, it was approaching me
I waved my hand, with a glee
It stopped, driver presented a grin
Into the bus I went, was it a sin
There were five living creatures in it
Often known as “human kind”, not “kind” albeit
They glared me, I was scared
In their eyes it was grim, in mine it was fear
Trespassing comments, vulgar talks,
I got upset, stumped, in corner of eye it was a tear
Soon their talks got intense, all dirty, non sense
I soon realized something bad was going to happen
I started shouting; I thought it was a weapon
But it was a secluded road, no one to hear my voice
I rushed to the gate to jump, I had no other choice
But the beasts then showed their real face
Rushed to me, one threw me on the seat, others were at a chase
I cried, I tried, and I fought, all in vain
Was witnessing hell, was enduring pain
They were beasts with dirt in mind
And I was regretting on being human kind
First, second and third, then I was unconscious
Blood and tears, pain and cries, gloomy and lugubrious
They threw me on the road, to hurt, to die
I found myself in hospital under hue and cry
In a day or two all were normal and casual
No one bothered for my justice, punishment for the cruel
Martinet my destiny, I am not from a big city
Not much of people are aware in my vicinity
No media houses, no women welfare societies for me
No one took a stand to fight, to listen to my plea
Tears in my eyes, and hatred for all, known or unknown
I now can see around me everyone is a clown
Hiding its real face, hiding the real intentions, fake worry
They raise voice just to be famous, no real regrets, no sorry
I am a girl of small village, I am vulnerable,
They found me an easy target, weak and feeble
No one asked whether the guilty got nabbed,
Under political discussions and sixes of IPL, all are grabbed
I am alone, fighting the stigma, rising, wiping my tears
To face the world again, to face my fears
I will fight this all alone, no matter how long it will
Just a small request to all the inhabitants of my great nation
Don’t call yourselves conservators of great cultures,
You are just the scavengers, the wild vultures
Eager to eat the flesh out, you enjoy one’s shout
Keep with you your fake care, fake furry
If possible, just in your heart, feel a little sorry…


  1. Simply outstanding.. U brought it out so well..heart goes out to her

  2. Superb! I had tears in my eyes as I read it. You have brought out the pain and anguish very well.

  3. This post has been selected for the Spicy Saturday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging :)

  4. Abhishek the incident had touched you very badly. but well thought and written. I think u have delivered everything what that poor girl wanted to say, No one was there to hear her. her voice became silent, tears roled out that is the only thing she was left with....But hats off to your thought....I wish some ray of hope for our nation to come in future....

  5. It's sad but true ...heart wrenching wrote it in a simple but powerful manner .

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  6. Oh thank u sooo,much ma'am :):):)

  7. Simply superb... I am speechless...