Monday, January 16, 2012

A journey again

It is a beautiful evening again and I am sitting in the train that will lead me towards the most happening city of the country, amchi Mumbai…
Few minutes before, there was a quarrel in front of me, regarding the place of keeping the luggage. Ha ha ha… funny the things can be…..just strange, how can the place of keeping luggage can be a matter of discord, I just witnessed. This type of incidents can only be viewed in the compartments of our railways……live from D1, it is Abhishek Singh Rathore, some class conversations in English, few logical and technical facts, and finally one party succumbed and the luggage was able to find its place…..
A kid came to me, holding a bucket carrying mustard oil and idol of deity SHANI, he asked for some DAAN, was it about the religion or a way of begging, I am still contemplating.
In trains, now days, one can see a large number of kids begging, it feels really bad to see that future of our country is learning to live on others aids. In the world of rapid industrialization and technology, why instead of getting educated these kids are forced to beg, we all know the reason, attempts are being made to eradicate the cause, but the way is too long, destination is too far.
Thinking about the same topic, I finally saw huge skyscrapers and realized that I am finally in the financial capital of India. That is, Mumbai…..
A place of dreams and pains
A place of miseries and gains
A place of its own eccentric culture
A place of some fantastic architecture
This is all Mumbai; I am now getting down at CST and starting my voyage in this special city…
Finally, one Sunday I am going to travel in world famous local trains of Mumbai,
“Dabbawalas and local trains are the life lines of this city, “….this was the line a heard many times, but today I will explore the later part of the line…
Oh, arrreeeeeeeeeee,,,,,,,,samhalke…..hustle,…and lot of chaos…….and here comes the superb network of Mumbai locals.
Looking at the passengers of this train I can easily state that life moves in these trains, book, laptop, i pod, eatables and much more, people seem busy in their own life, utilizing and optimizing their travel time to its best.
Getting down at some station, I am going to eat a very special food item of this state, VADA PAAV……”Mumbai eats this in its breakfast”, this line may be an exaggeration but having reality in it
VADA PAAV, VADA SAMOSA, VADA SAMBHAR…………and the day begins…..
Mumbai life, very fast, tough, competitive and ambitious, kids are becoming intelligent and much aware about the world, but having a drawback of its own kind, childhood years are decreasing, maturity is swallowing innocence, respect for elders is getting ill effected by feeling of self dependency.
Sometimes, advancement and modernization actually becomes a problem…
Then, what to do???...
Before going to Mumbai, I was having a different perception about this city, but it has a different life in it.
Modernization is very essential, but in that package, there comes a very hectic life, life full of tensions, but at the same time, ambitions of long cars, big flats keep on motivating the people, and Mumbai goes on running, it takes a halt, sometimes in floods, sometimes in attacks, but, Mumbai never stops, Mumbai never sleeps, it goes on and goes on……

I met a very special fellow in Mumbai, my very dear friend, we had a great time, with him, I was able to witness several insights of this city.
I also met a second person, no relation from birth, but like elder sister from heart.
Moments with her were like those few lucky drops which get collected in a shell and get converted into precious pearls. I was lucky to be in the pious vibes of her thoughts, so true, so unequivocal, and so pure.
After that special meeting, I was straying on roads, contemplating and observing.
The Mumbai has various classes, several life styles, different social and economical statures and enormous crowd.
I realized that it’s impossible to explore this city in a day or two,
“Each time when someone came Mumbai to explore it, found himself lost in this so special city”,
A worthy saying (by me..:).)
Mumbai had several impressive factors and many disappointing also, but in whole, one should try to be part of such a place, for small period of time, it gives a true and lucid picture of life,

The twilight when sun sets in sea,
The waves inspire us, to set our thoughts free,
Running for bus, galloping the breakfast,
Heads and legs in train, congested, no creed no cast
Speedy cars, luxury cars, all around the city
Dirty lanes, foul odor, slums in same vicinity
Huge flyovers, sky scrapers, esthetic places
Sad, happy, crying, smiling, beautiful, ugly faces
Busy, lazy, idle, active, stoic, stolid
People of all types, emotional or solid
All trying to achieve something or other
Reaching a destination, going further
It’s all a life, flowing in Mumbai’s vibes
Dreams in breath and challenges in lives…………


  1. You are such a reflective young man. I wish I could also have an adventure in Mumbai. It seems that there are lots of amazing things to see and discover. Everything you do there will be worthwhile ~ because your heart is open and generous. Take care and I wish you all the best in your stay there.

    1. thnk u soooo much ma'am...:)...ya mumbai has in itself a lot to explore..:) visit the city...:) bless u

  2. This is a beautiful post. Modernity can be a good thing, sometimes, but the growing pains are awful. I'm still not sure Americans have totally gotten used to it.

  3. Very nice observation..
    The writing has captured every essence of Mumbai..
    Good job..!!